Monday, January 7, 2013

Weigh-In 1/7/2013

Previous: 176.8
Current:   176.3
Loss:           -0.5

Ha, fail.
I am finding it rough to get back into the swing of things.
You really should have been in my head this week - I was attempting to feed myself all kinds of lame excuses. The prevailing excuse swirling around there was, "maybe I'm at my target goal."
Yeah, no. I've been down to 168, so that's not even close to true.
My binge monster has been out and about the last month or so, that insane need to just EAT LOTS OF SOMETHING. It's emotionally fed, I know that.


  1. I hear you! The last two weeks of the year I was hanging by a thread trying not to get caught up in the holiday treat syndrome. If I had really let go and eaten what was available, I would still be struggling now. I was so happy to see New Year's Day because my husband had agreed that he would stop with the restaurant meals and extras like frozen yogurt that we do not need. Hang in there. Soon, an apple will taste good again. :)

  2. It takes a while to get the crap out of your system. Those cravings are real brought on by too many carbs. The head games are real as well but you recognize those for what they are. Giving in will only make it worse than it already is so don't even go there! Keep calm and carry on.

  3. Aw girl, sorry for the ruff month or so. You know how to do this, and you also know what happens if you don't. Kick that binge monster in the face.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you,! :) I feel like I should go darker when it gets colder, lol

    2. I know what you mean. I put highlights in when it warms up LOL