Thursday, January 10, 2013

Coffee Addiction

I'm starting to really believe my coffee addiction just replaced my food addiction. This is my K-cup collection at work .. I have about the same amount at home.
Lucky for me, I've read in the news that women who drink black coffee have less chance for depression and diabetes!

(The hot chocolates have about 70 calories, so I only get one of those a day as a snack. /sadpandaface)


  1. I know I have started drinking more coffee since I started losing weight. One addiction for another? maybe?

  2. I have had to completely give up caffeine due to the rapid heart beat it causes. I am getting used to decaf and am trying to drink more tea. It's something to shove in our faces isn't it?

  3. I found that I gave up coffee when I gave up dairy & sugar (even artificial sweeteners) because I like my coffee sweet. Now it's just regular green tea for me, but I try not to make it a habit.

  4. Ahhh, love my Keurig pods, but they are so dang expensive! Now I just have one of those fill your own cups and put my own ground coffee in it.

    ANYWHO, good to hear about the black coffee--depression/diabetes link. That makes me happy (heh, see??).

  5. OMG! Me too! Me too! I loved coffee before, but now it's definitely an addiction. Holy hell...I wish I had that many K-cups! I just use my reusable filter thingy. :(