Monday, January 21, 2013

Weigh-In 1/21/2013

Previous: 175.1
Current:   172.6
Loss:           -2.5

Yeah!~ Back in the saddle again... I am so ready not to see 170's ever again.

So when I get to the fabled land of maintaining, is it reasonable to think I will fluctuate in a ten pound range? Like if my goal is 140's - I should expect to fluctuate between 140-149 and montior my weight that way?


  1. Weight Watchers allows us to be two pounds over our goal weight before we pay for meetings again. I lost an excellent leader in Florida because she gained about ten pounds and did not take it off in the amount of time they gave her -- maybe three months.

    I don't like going up more than a couple of pounds because of the work to get it back off. I was up at Christmas but not much real weight. My screen weight gain limit is five pounds. You'll have to experiment when you get to your goal.

    When I got to goal, they gave me six weeks of maintenance. I first added a couple of points to see how that worked but what really worked was just to keep doing what I had already been doing for nine months of losing. Good luck getting out of the 170's for good. :)

  2. That should have been "scream weight" instead of screen. Sorry.

  3. Well, they say "never ask a poor man how to be rich, and never ask a fat man how to be skinny" take my words with a grain of salt here....

    I am shooting for a specific number as my goal 165. So for me, my "range" will be 5lbs above and 5lbs below. So if I maintain in that range, I'm okay with myself.

  4. I think once you reach the weight you want to maintain a 5 lb fluctuation up and down is to be expected and just carefully monitored so it doesn't become a trend :)

    Yay for the loss!

  5. I don't think I would allow that much of a range. Since you are counting calories I would add back maybe 50 calories the first week, 100 calories the next week, until you get to the point where you see a gain. Then you will know the calorie cap for maintenance. Don't add back carbs however. I would keep your present level of carbs the same. Those are evil little boogers. Take care.

  6. No, I'd say a 5 lb range reflects normal fluctuations and if you are truly behaving yourself, you land right in the middle of that range 90% of the time. I was between 140-145 for years, and almost always 142 or 143. Occasional 140-141 and 144-145 but not many. Ten pounds is too much of a pendulum for me to feel comfortable with. It's a clothing size.

  7. "the fabled land of maintaining"

    Love that...made me smile...but know THIS...we will be there...even riding unicorns and continuing to battle...