Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last Day Of January Weigh-In!

Previous: 172.6
Current:   172.0
Loss:           -0.6

Nothing spectacular, but I'll take it. Inching towards the 160's - goal for next month is 167.

I'm reading "The Plan".. and although I normally loathe diet books, I'm finding it has it's good points. I'm into the idea that our food causes inflammation in our bodies, and that effects our health and our weight.

Anyone read it? Tried the plan?


  1. Hey Rae! Congratulations you weigh exactly half of what you weighed 01/01/10 isn't that insane!?

    You rock, have a good one


  2. I enjoy reading books like that. I have learned so much. Even if it's just tidbit or two, it's worth it to get an epiphany now and then. Carbs cause heat in the body which is inflammation and that contributes to so many illnesses. I have also read that our bodies are too acid and should be more alkaline for health. You might want to read up on that as well. If you know someone who suffers from gout you may know that they have to limit acid causing foods. Congratulations on going in the right direction. I am weighing in the morning and I am already anxious about it. Take care.

  3. Ohhh, what kind of inflammation?