Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weigh-In 3/20/2012

Scale fixed, crisis averted!

Previous:              222.0
Today:                  221.0
Loss:                        -1.0
It always seems so hard for me to break into that lower number. It's like my body knows its a victory for me to get into the teens. Or before this, the twenties. Or before that, the thirties. Ah well, maybe next week. At least its a loss.
My first 5k is in less than 2 weeks. EEEK!


  1. Good for you girlie, you'll get in the teens any day now! Keep it up!

    You're doing a 5K?? That's awesome!! How exciting! I was just telling JC last night that I want to start the C25K program, but I skeered LOL. Maybe I'll start it soon! You're inspiring me girl!

  2. Have fun with the 5K, it's a nice distance to run!

  3. That's right girl...it is a loss!! My body is like that too. I'll do great in between, but crossing the barrier to a new "decade" is harder..ha!

    That's exciting about your 5k! Good luck!! They are fun for sure :)

  4. Its a loss and I'm happy for you! A 5K, how fun? When, where, I need the details! I'm excited for you, can you tell?