Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not Sure Why I'm Surprised.

Along the way, I've had some awkward moments with people who were nicely trying to express their happiness that I've lost 116 pounds. I've had people who asked if they'd be offended if they told me how great I looked, or asked how much I've lost. But I've never been truly offended like I was yesterday by a "friend" via a message on Facebook. I received the following message:

Hey pretty lady! Hadn't talked to you in a while and was creepin on your fb page ;). Noticed you were doing well with your weight loss and that makes me happy. I have a something I think would interest you greatly. It requires only the effort to take each day at the correct time and the results are unbelievable! An acquaintance of mine, {name deleted for privacy}, was chopping away the usual 3-5 lbs a week like you when she was lucky enough to have a friend show her this and in the first 9 days she lost 20lbs with no change in routine. I'd love to help you achieve your goal and give you the tools to be healthier and happy! Give me a shout if you are seriously interested in getting to the place you wanna be?!

...after I confirmed he wasn't hacked (it sounded like someone hacked his FB and was sending out messages) I was red-faced angry. And I'm not even sure this was an appropriate reaction, but I was mad. The quotes "chopping away at the usual 3-5 lbs a week like you" and "give you the tools to be healthier and happy!" just ate at my inside's like nothing else.

I thought about it, and thought about it, and after consulting with others, I decided to respond. While I won't go into the specific biting letter I sent back, I did explain how 3-5 pounds a week is NOT usual. In fact it's a great accomplishment. It's something I work at very hard EVERY SINGLE DAY. I explained how losing 20lbs in 9 days is UNHEALTHY and I do not think he has my health or happiness in mind at all by sending this message. 



  1. you need HIM to learn how to be "healthier and happier". Wow, he has nerve.

  2. Three to five pounds is a great accomplishment.

    And, how can you not change "your routine" and lose twenty pounds in a week, that's just not natural, or healthy.

    What is with people? I'm glad you called him on it, he has nerve if he decides to go down that road again...

  3. Bravo for telling him what for!! You've done great and he's not got your best interest in mind but rather his wallet I'm guessing. Oh let me at him!!! lol