Thursday, March 1, 2012

Holy Frijoles, Where Have I Been?

I am so sorry for the long absense. My sister passed away in September. Although it was a long battle with cervical cancer, it still seemed unexpected to me.

I am going to be working on reading! And reading! And catching up, haha.

By the way, I'm 225 pounds. And it is amazing. Thanks, Alan, for kicking my butt.


  1. OMG you are back! So sorry about your sister. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose my brother...

    225 that's awesome!

  2. I am glad to be back. It was a dark place for a while. I'm glad I didn't lose the weight loss train. I have about 50 more to go! I missed you bunches!!

  3. Hi, welcome back.

    Very sorry to hear about your sister, be strong.

    225? WOW, that is amazing.

  4. My condolences about your sister. Losing a loved one is never ever easy.

    I am impressed girlie! That is 36 lbs. since you last posted. That is FANTASTIC!

    Glad to see you back and keep up the good work.

  5. Hi, thanks for coming by my blog! I am very sorry to hear about your loss, I give you much credit for continuing to do well despite your grief.

    I'll be in WDW from 10/27 until 11/3, maybe we can say hi to each other if we're there around the same time! :)

    We have lots of time to get to where we want to be weight wise for our vacations!