Monday, October 29, 2012

Weigh-In 10/29/2012

Previous:    172.0
Today:        169.2
Loss:             -2.8

Apparently having a bad case of strep all week coupled with overdrinking on Saturday night and subsequent sickness associated with that, I lost another 2.8 pounds. My weigh in for yeterday was actually 168.8, but like I said that was after my night of Halloween debauchery so I was lacking fluids, lol.

Halloween party was fun! It was freezing cold so I went for the warmer costume (A ceiling fan - shout out to my girl Kelliann for calling it!) I still suck at graciously accepting compliments. Meh, I guess it's a learning experience when you've never had to worry about people actively paying attention to you. Most of the time I was happy with being ignored, so attention is all kinds of wrong to me, lol.

Happy week - if I can make it through the hell week at work I'm going with family to Vegas on Saturday!


  1. You're in the 160's! That is fantastic!

  2. Go 160s! Go Halloween debauchery! Boo sickness of all kinds!

    Also, LOVE your costume idea. That is absolutely amazing.

  3. lol - love the Ceiling Fan costume idea!
    Have fun in Vegas!