Monday, October 8, 2012

Weigh-In 10/08/2012

Previous: 178.1
Today:     175.6
Loss:           -2.5

My weigh-in yesterday for the challenge was actually 177, but I worked my ass off yesterday and this morning it said 175.6, so we are going with that one. It makes me happy. Actually, it makes me kind of sad.

175 was my initial goal weight. Looking in the mirror this morning, I realize I am no where near goal. For the record, new goal weight is 160.. ish. But I don't want to be 160 and flabby. I want to be 160 and a rock.

So, here we go. NEW JOURNEY AHEAD! (I knew you'd love that, Norma.)


  1. journey.. lol! It's hard to know what you should weigh till you get there. Also, if you've done, or can do, a bod pod. You can find out what your lean muscle mass is and they can give you a very good idea of a target area.. within around 10 lbs.

    You'll know when you are there when you're comfortable with how your body looks and your clothes fit.. and you can maintain it easily with foods you like to eat. I think that is ultimately what people really want. And it's actually something we can attain besides a number that may or may not be what we expect.

  2. Congratulations. I think most who have lost significant weight must deal with flab. It is just stretched skin that unfortunately will not tighten up regardless of muscle. I know my arms are muscular but the flab hangs (swing sets). I will consider one day if I want that surgically removed. It is a bummer to see flab. I guess we will have to view it as battle scars :-)

  3. YAY YOU!

    Great work & great post. I think Myra's right; I know there is a pad of fat on my belly that my body is hanging on to as if the Ice Age is coming, and loose skin on the backs of my upper arm that will never tighten up, no matter how many lat pulldowns I do. I do view them as battle scars but if a genie ever pops out of a bottle, I know I will spend all three wishes getting rid of stretch marks, jiggly belly and little bat wings!