Monday, October 15, 2012


You know how I know I'll always be a fattie at heart?

I still get depressed after eating dinner that I have to wait until breakfast to eat again.

FFL - Fattie for Life. I will always be on the defensive in regards to food, every day of my life, every minute, every second.

Oh yeah - weigh in today was 175.0, same from the challenge weigh in yesterday.


  1. I know just what you're talking about. My husband forgets to eat, food is totally uninteresting to him. That will never be the case for me. If there were no health consequences I could literally eat all day long.

  2. Don't claim that for yourself. You didn't get this far by being negative about yourself and your accomplishments. There certainly is nothing wrong with a realistic evaluation of the challenges you face (like the rest of us) but none of us is doomed. There isn't that much time between the evening meal and breakfast the next day considering most of it will be spent sleeping. We really do eat quite often during our waking hours you know. You have just been given a virtual kick in the butt (with love of course). Be careful out there today.

  3. Hi Rae Rae - My oldest son and his wife thought Napoleon Dynamite was the greatest and most hilarious film ever made. So much so that he bought me my own copy and brought it as a gift to watch with me when he and his family came to visit from California a few years back. Maybe it was because they both attended college for a couple years in Idaho. I totally didn't get it the first time. I was watching it but hoping an asteroid would hit my house and save me from the ending. Instead a phone call did. But I've seen it all the way through since then and it's a cute movie. My question for you is why? Why do you think you have this relationship with food?