Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dieting 101

Just so you know..if your diet looks like the following, you are not following a diet plan. Or a healthy plan. Or any other plan than "whatever the fuck I want."

*Eggs with Ham and Gravy
*Indian buffet food, including salad with Ranch dressing
*Coffee with Cream
*Chicken Piccata

I don't have to use my eyeballs to tell you - this is NOT 1200 calories in a day. It's just not.

And if you have dieted for ten years and still don't realize that this isn't diet food, then you should just give it up and make yourself some muffins.

Oh wait, you did.


Happy Halloween - I couldn't resist.


  1. But that's Free-Range Organic Gravy... so it's probably ok :o)
    Thank gawd you didn't put bacon on the list :oD

  2. I know! But it's "paleo" which must mean eat a lot of high fat meats with butter, as long as carbs are low. What?

    As a vegetarian, my mind boggles. By the way, in the time she has been maintaining, I've lost 20 pounds counting vegetarian carbalooza calories, 30+ since I switched to plant based eating in January.

  3. I wonder what is achieved by not being honest with calorie counts -- in the end, your body knows the truth, and the scale won't lie.

  4. "a little mug muffin thing I made from almond meal, egg, vanilla, and butter (sugar free, grain free)"...surely it's also calorie free...???

    Funny how she is supposedly trying to lose weight using maths, which is a totally black and white method, but still manages to cheat on herself by underestimating the *number* of calories she is consuming...

    Great post.