Tuesday, March 22, 2011

World Water Day!

Uhh, what's a half flush in the loo?

I realize that World Water Day doesn’t quite entail making sure you drink your 64 ounces per day, but it sure gives a good platform for talking about it! While the world’s top engineers, scientists, and business folk attempt to hash out our future water needs, I decided to take a minute to hash out my WIO, water-intake objectives.

I used to loathe drinking water. Growing up, I never drank just plain water. It was always diet coke/diet pepsi, sweet tea, kool-aid, or some such drink. I don’t think to this day I’ve seen my parents order water at a restaurant. But in my deepening research into weight loss, I’ve found that water is the best drink of choice to lose weight.

Just like T.B. (Taco Bell), water works into my goals this year two-fold. Cokes/tea have gotten stupid expensive at restaurants, some charging as high as $2.19. I find that mind boggling, and I have vowed in my debt-reduction plan to never again pay for my drink at a sit-down restaurant. (Fast food joints are still pretty reasonable on drinks, although they are still high.) Secondly, it helps me shed pounds.

It took a very, very long time to get used to drinking water. At restaurants, it has to have ice. However, when I’m drinking it throughout the day to get my 64 ounces in, it has to have no ice. I don’t even attempt to understand myself, I just go with it. 

It also took a very, very, very long time to get used to the frequent bathroom trips. I’m thinking, based on my week so far, I’ve gotten adjusted. I hope. People are looking at me funny at work.  I imagine they either think I’m doing coke in the bathroom or having horrendous diarrhea.


  1. I too am stopping the habit of ordering pop at a restaurant. I can't believe what they charge now. A pub in Toronto charged $3. WTF!

  2. A half flush in the loo ... wouldn't have known what that was until I moved to Australia! Lol. A loo is a toilet and the ones in Australia don't have flush handles like in the US, they have two buttons instead ... a half flush and a full flush.