Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seasoned Meat or Not, I Don't Care.

As I mentioned before, I am currently on a debt reduction plan as well. I am not blogging about this; I find that debt reduction happens very slowly and there's not much interesting to say about it. Or maybe I decided to blog about food because it is my passion as opposed to bills..bills..bills.

Either way, one of my debt reduction goals happened to coincide with my eating plan - I needed to greatly reduce the number of days I eat out. If I was guesstimating, I would say I ate out 5/7 lunches and 3/7 dinners per week. That was a massive source of income lost. But I digress; this post is about my weight loss goals.

So now I'm down to eating lunch out once a week, and eating dinner out twice a week. Lunch has to be $10 or less, my dinner has to be $20 or less. (For a reasonable eating out total of $50 a week, much better than the previous $200+) Because of this, I am very picky about what restaurant earns my business.

I say all of that to say this - I love Taco Bell. I don't care if their beef is real seasoned beef or not, it is good - cheap - and fits into my diet. The following was my lunch today:

2 Fresco Style Crunchy Tacos
1 Side of Pintos & Cheese
1 Medium Diet Pepsi (that's another reason I love T.B. - they have Pepsi products.)

Mmmm, Taco Bell. All under $5. Only 460 calories!

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  1. I noticed much of my mindless spending coincided with my mindless eating. Thankfully, my wallet is doing better like my eating.