Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Food Burial

I managed to find some time last night to watch Heavy, one of my favorite shows on television today (the other two being Mike & Molly & The Middle.) Last night's episode featured the short dude and the chick that was leaving her husband. So while watching the show they have a "Food Burial" exercise. The participants buried their trigger foods in the ground, saying goodbye to them forever.

It started me thinking about my own personal trigger foods. After much thought I determined that while I do not think I have "trigger" foods (my preference is any food in mass quantities), I do have certain foods that I could sit down and eat the whole {fill in the container blank}. In no certain order, the following foods/drinks could be eaten by me in one sitting.

  1. Chocolate Zingers. I am not a big sweet eater, but oh my goodness. Chocolate Zingers. The sweet cake treat from the heavens. In a "normal" sitting I would consume 4 of these babies with a tall glass of milk. I have once eaten a whole box with 2 glasses of milk once. Did you know that's 1800 calories with milk and all?
  2. BBQ Fritos. Hands down the best fritos out there. The normal amount for me would be 1/2 a bag, but on occassion I have inhaled the whole bag. 1500 calories.
  3. Pepsi. Fully loaded Pepsi, that is. Generally just a 20 ounce will do me, but I have scarfed down 2 20 ounces at a time. 500 calories.
Normally, when I'd go to the gas station or whatever for something, I'd pick up #1, #2, and #3. A big grab bag of fritos, 3 pack of Zingers, and a 20 ounce Pepsi. I won't lie - that still sounds pretty darn good.

But I am not going to go get it. First of all, I'm a cheapskate and on a simultaneous journey to get debt-free this year, so I'm not about to spend $5 on crap. Secondly though, I don't need it. I'm not going to kill over and die if I don't eat Zingers/Fritos/Pepsi.

Will I ever be able to eat a normal portion of these things again? I don't know, honestly. I can't answer that right now. For now, I'm NOT eating them. Food Burial.

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