Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Second Thoughts - The Plan by Lyn-Genet Recitas

Jesus to Betsy, did my first post get some attention!

I do have to clarify, my first post was just a brief overview of what I've read. When I said sodium was the devil, I meant anything over the recommended 1500 mg per day. I actually happen to agree that sodium bloats me up a couple pounds if I overdo it. I'm still a little iffy on the water intake after 7:30, although like I said before, it keeps me from getting up in the night and peeing.

And I do see benefits to someone who is just starting a health journey, or weight loss journey, to starting this program. You are trying to learn about your own body. However, with that said - I've been learning now for 2 years, and I actually think I know my body pretty well. I agree with her idea about certain foods reacting to your own body chemistry - pinto beans, fried foods, and cabbage are big no-nos for me.

Not to toot my own horn, but I don't have any ailments to be honest. Since I've cut out processed foods, high salt, most sugar, and started drinking water, I've been pretty healthy - not even a cold (knock on wood.) So even if I did commit to the program, I don't know that I'd see any benefits. I might lose weight, but to be honest I'm losing weight now. I sleep fine, I take no medication, and I have decent skin.

This particular diet takes a lot of prep time (I know she doesn't consider it a diet, but anything I stick 20 days to an exact menu is a diet to me). It takes a lot of ingredients that aren't all that easily available in my part of Kentucky (we don't even have a Whole Foods, gasp!). If you buy the book as an e-book, it's a lot of flipping pages, haha.

However! I have adopted some of her suggestions, and I think they are good for combating inflammation in the body. I drink lemon water in the morning, I drink dandelion tea during the day, I stop drinking at 7:30, and I weigh every morning and really learn to listen to my own body. I am a huge advocate that inflammation causes chronic illness in the body.

So while following the plan exactly isn't for me, I do see where it would be extremely helpful to someone starting out. It doesn't require membership, or buying processed foods, it just requires time and energy. That's a nice change.


  1. Ever heard of the yeast-free diet? Someone blogged about that yesterday and I googled it and then promptly put it out of my mind. lol.

  2. Lost half of your size, and some friends, and now you want to change your plan ?? Not a good idea..

  3. How much lemon juice do you put in your water?

  4. When I reached day four on The Plan, I was testing goat Cheese and Chocolate. I ended up having to repeat Day 4 because I experienced a strange reaction that I have never experienced before in my entire life. My throat became suddenly inflamed when I ate my glorious one ounce piece of long awaited dark chocolate. It felt like I was getting a rampant sore throat in a matter of seconds. I repeated Day Four but left out the cheese this time and just tested the chocolate. And DOG GONE it, didn't the exact same thing happen AGAIN within seconds! Is nothing sacred? I LOVE chocolate! Why, why why!!! Oh the horror of it. Not chocolate!!!! Life without chocolates? I even re-tested the dark chocolate using a different brand, one that was soy, gluten free and had a lower percentage of Cocoa in the content to cut back on the acidity. I can't be allergic to tree nut oil because this does not happen when I eat walnuts, etc... SO what is the deal? Why now?

    I also decided to repeat Day 4 because of another factor; I started my period and the scale for the first time did not budge. In Lyn's book she says to use only "friendly foods" and "hit pause on any testing until day 1 of your cycle" (page 126). Thinking optimistic, I decide to BELIEVE in my heart that Cheese and Chocolate "were my friends"...and wanted to believe Day Four was friendly. Something was definitely not!

    I will continue with The Plan because on average I am losing a half a pound a day, (accept right now because of my period and my new bout of depression over chocolate stabbing me in the back).

    After Valentines Day, I will be starting the three detox days all over again with my husband this time.

    My reasons for trying The Plan are for health reasons. I suffer from chronic back pain, L5-S1 herniated disc...AND years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I think the Fibromyalgia diagnosis is total B.S. Always have, and The Plan is making be believe I have been right all along. For the past three days I have been totally PAIN FREE (except for my devastation over the sudden chocolate reaction). In the first three days I lost three pounds and am sleeping so much better. Water is the key!

    I also have 20 lbs to lose. At 5'2 I currently weigh 147 and would like to be around 127-130 max. I am 48 years old and have had half of my thyroid removed about 20 years ago. I have tested on the low end of normal in thyroid TRH Free T3 and the T4. But the military doctors refuse to prescribe synthroid for me because I hit within the normal range.

    Now that I am out of socialistic military medicine, because my husband retired from the USAF, I am going to a new doctor who will take my low thermometer readings and low thyroid hormone levels a little more seriously. I'll let you know how it goes.

    With menopause lurking over my shoulder, a painful herniated disc and a bogus diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, I continue to do the things I love like Ski, Jazzercise, and using an incline treadmill. In the mornings I can barely move, but once I do, there is no stopping me.

    On The Plan I wake up feeling great (NO PAIN, even after Jazzercise on day 4!) SO that is all I need to keep me motivated. So how are you doing?

    1. I'm going to start the diet next week getting the ebook on this Monday March 4th. Thanks for taking the time for your indepth review I is of great value to me. I have been on alot of diets that affected my health in bad way so I looking forward to doing something that will approve my quality of life. I too have a pain in my back. Siatic. Hope my pain goes away too. Thanks again.

    2. Good luck with the thyroid issues. Don't give up on dosage until you actually feel good.

  5. I started taking the MSM, dandelion tea and probiotics due to systemic yeast. Lost my thyroid last June from cancer. Now, after acupuncture, herbs from Chinese MD and lots of rest am starting 3 days of cleanse. Interesting to see what I will react too now that I can eat broccoli again since thyroidectomy.

  6. My husband and I started on this plan Wed April is day 3. My weight stayed the same today but I had lost 2.8 # after the first day so I am not sure if it was the almonds or not. Will not eat them today; use the fruit instead and see what happens tomorrow. I may have had more than my alloted water yesterday...hard to keep track some days.

    My husband (very reluctantly on this with me) has lost 6# in 2 days, tho he has way more to lose than I do.

    There are 2 negatives to this plan for me...I seem to be doing nothing but preparing and cooking food!! and I am not overly fond of either of the 2 milk options for my granola in the AM. Will keep going tho tomorrow we have guests for dinner and will be having ribs...should be interesting to see what happens. I do plan to serve the greens and dessert recommended for day 4.

    There is just not 20 days in a row where we could do this plan without something coming up, usually in the form of eating outside the home so I just decided to bite the bullet and go ahead be continued.

  7. I have been on The Plan for 6 weeks now and what a roller coaster! I am down 14 lbs and have only reacted to whitefish, (I think...only because I felt ill several days and missed 1 meal). I was down 7 lbs after the cleanse (probably 5 lbs were water), then I stayed the same for 2 days then started to gain. I follow everything accurately, never over/under drink the water>and finish by 7:30 yet it's lose/gain/lose/gain. I don't drink Red wine...though I tried...maybe even reacted to it. Thought I'd try coffee again after 3 yrs of being 'off' it....just lost my taste for it...but I've only had it once. I have not felt any energy increase or feeling of well being yet this is the best I've eaten in my Life, (besides Weight Watcher's). Being disabled with severe Osteoarthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Fibromyalgia, all the shopping & cooking leave me so fatigued I don't want to bother any more..never mind starting to make my own menu plans. What to do?