Friday, February 15, 2013

Scary Truth about Calories

Oh, the things you learn on the interwebs.

Before I had you wonderful people, I had no idea that the FDA regulations allow companies to be off 20% either way on calories.
I also had no idea no one regulates these listings; meaning calories posted are certified only by the company.

This is a great article proving that you could be eating the equivalent of a Big Mac a day and not even know it.

Food for thought!


  1. Wow! That is just crazy. I still don't understand how they got that many calories in a tofu sandwich.

    It's an eye opener for sure. Thanks!

  2. How smart to demand they post calorie counts but never check to see if they post correct calorie counts. Typical.

  3. Or not eat enough by the equivalent of a big mac!

  4. 20% ?!?! That's really shocking. How sad to see accuracy be such a low priority for something so important.

  5. Another thing that was pointed out to me once was the fact that it is astounding the difference in the calorie counts and what it seems they should be...that is, take a simple chicken breast and veggies at a restaurant like Applebees or Cheesecake Factory or wherever. Look up the calorie count. Then determine what the calorie count would be if you made the same ingredients at home....and typically their count is so much higher...makes you wonder what they are doing to make the calorie count be so high.

    1. Lynn - I believe the difference is the added butter.

  6. Hey girl!

    Just wanted to pop in and say HI! You are on a crucial part of your journey and I have no doubts that you are going to continue kicking bum! I don't remember seeing your before and after pics until today and I was blown away!