Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Co-Worker Dinner.

So this week (and for the foreseeable future) I’m out for work. Also this week, I started my iron pills. One in the morning, one in the evening.
Everything has been going peachy taking the pills, no big issues to note until the other day. I worked like a crazy mofo this particular day. For breakfast I think I grabbed a banana and a yogurt. I skipped lunch (I know, shame on me.) I took my second iron pill before going to dinner with the co-workers just so I wouldn’t forget it.

We go to this nice little Italian place and I order the small whole wheat spaghetti with tomato sauce. They order appetizers and booze along with their food. While sitting and socializing, I begin to feel really faint and sick at my stomach. Naturally, I think it’s because I hadn’t eaten since the morning, and resolved that my food would make me feel much better.

Dinner conversation moved on to asking about my weight loss. I proudly announced that as of that day I had lost 160 pounds. Congrats and cheers all around. Food comes – and all I can do is glare at my food. It looks repulsive. (It actually looked fabulous, but I was feeling so bad at this point.) I manage to talk myself into eating maybe ¼ of it. I then realize that it’s because I took my pill on an empty stomach, stupid me.

Girl beside me looks at my plate and looks at me, then exclaims, “You amaze me, you have so much self-control!” I just look at her and smile. What I wanted to say was, “It isn’t so much self control as I am trying to avoid blowing chunks all over you.”

Now keep in mind I announced earlier I lost 160 pounds as of that day. My birthday had also been on the 16th. My co-workers order me a birthday sundae and they all gather around to sing to me.

Really. You order the prior-fat-chick who is proud of losing 160 POUNDS a chocolate sundae? ARGH. Smile and be thankful. Smile and be thankful.

Miss you guys!


  1. Ha...sometimes, folks just don't get it. Sorry about you feeling all woozy and such, guess you now know how the iron pill will affect you on an empty stomach...eek.

    So proud of you girl...160lbs is incredible! You are incredible!

    I hope you shared that sunday with each and every one of those coworkers ;)

  2. That is a great story, in spite of (because of?) your nausea. ;) SMH at the cake...