Tuesday, September 11, 2012

FFS (...continued...)

I met with my doctor yesterday afternoon, after receiving the lovely phone call yesterday. Basically, they are testing for blood in the stool. I get it – and it actually makes me a bit nervous because my heredity with colon cancer, and that is why she is testing for blood in the stool. But I feel rather confident in the fact that it is my female issues, and I hope it isn’t anything to worry about.
It is going to be a horrendous test, 3 separate stool samples; it will probably take me a week and a half to do. Since losing weight, I’ve not been all that regular. *sigh* Anyway, after the test is completed I start on an iron pill twice daily; which seems to cause constipation issues, so I get to also take a stool softener. Oh my god. I feel old. I probably failed when I didn’t take a multi-vitamin to start with when I decided to lose weight.
The rest of the blood results came in, and they were actually pretty good. Here’s the run down (because by god I want to have a benchmark somewhere, even if it is after losing 150 pounds.)
Waist: 33 inches
Blood pressure: 110/70
Glucose: 98 (I realize this is on the cusp of insulin resistance, but I *was* insulin resistant when I started this way back when. I also had gestational diabetes. Although I'm not super happy with the high range of normal, I am happy that I am no longer insulin resistant. Now to just get it even lower for next year.)
Total Cholesterol: 122
HDL: 35
Triglycerides: 75
Iron Saturation: 3% (lolz – major fail. Most likely the cause of my dizziness when I stand up.)

Other than the iron issue and lowering the blood sugar, I need to raise my HDL somehow. The problem is the only way I’ve read to raise them I’m already doing: diet, exercise, not smoking. Any ideas?


  1. I don't know if you follow Beth but I do recommend my senna tea mixture to keep you regular. I use a quart jar and put 2 senna tea bags and 2 bags of the tea of my choice and drink a cup of that a day. My senna tea is called Herbal Laxative and I have seen it called Smooth Move. I have seen just senna tea in a health food store. It will keep you regular and you will get your stool samples more quickly! I guess do a google search on raising HDL and you should get some ideas - hope so. Be careful out there today.

  2. I think it's more eating foods that can raise your HDL's....do you eat a fair amount of fish high in Omega 3's? I'm sure you are eating lots of eggs during the "challenge"; they are suppose to help raise HDL's. They say orange juice helps too, but I'm sure just eating the whole orange is just as good.

    Sorry you have to do the stool sample...that doesn't sound fun at all. Hopefully things will flow quickly this week ;)

  3. Oh geeze! Hope everything turns out okay. Wish I could offer more advice :/

  4. Yikes - all I can say is I feel old too.

    Regarding your HDL -are you eating oatmeal? I've gone hard-core, cooking steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast and I eat it on the train.

    1. Not frequently. Should I? I like oatmeal, I probably should switch to steel cut.

  5. My HDL went through the roof, high, once I was on maintenance. Salmon, avocados, olive oil. Primal/Paleo diet ( for maintenance not for loss)

    I steer clear of fruit juices and all grains. Carb city- IMO.

    Good luck