Monday, September 17, 2012

Hey you exercise junkies.

This whole week I've been diligently putting in my exercise time at night (running at least 3 miles), and I always see an elevated weight the next morning with the weight returning back down later in the day. Yesterday I exercised in the morning and I saw what I normally see - lowest weight this morning.

Is there something about exercising at night that makes you retain water or something? Or is my body just going through a dyslexic phase? I really hate mornings, I hate the thought I'll have to drag my dead weight out of bed an hour earlier.

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  1. Get up early. It kick starts your engine and you burn cals all morning. I just turned 59 and I don't have a scale but I am probably around 127-128. Burn baby burn! (coffee helps too!)

    Found you through Norma. Love you gals!
    Don't have BLAHg currently, so don't try to find it! ;-)