Monday, June 20, 2011


I am back from vacation! It was a nice vacation, it only rained once on the beach. I maintained my weight, no gain or loss, and for that I am grateful.

I am (self-diagnosed) a little OCD, and near the end of the week I was getting ansy to be back home, to be back to my routine. I love my routine. A few days of being away from it is OK, but after a while I yearn to be back home, even if I'm on a tropical paradise.

I eat better when I'm on my routine. This week at the beach wasn't bad, I would have my carnation instant breakfast in the morning, a tuna fish sandwich at lunch, and then I would splurge on dinner, but it usually consisted of seafood.

Sunday, being Father's Day, I let hubby pick out what we did. Our kids are at their grandparents this week, so it was an entire day of what he wanted to do. You just can't imagine what happend to me, being without kids and off my routine. I went nuts.

Sunday Food:
Breakfast: Carnation Instant Breakfast (Ok, that's a good start.)
Lunch: Tuna Steak w/ Veggies (Hibachi style, no, I've got this!)
Snack: a KING SIZE Kit-Kat at the movies (justified by my earlier good choices)
Snack: (wtf another snack?) A small M&M Blizzard after the movies (What?!)
Dinner: While leaving DQ, saw MCD's and had to have a 10 piece chicken nugget w/ fries. LOL.

I just absolutely lost it, haha.

Alas, one day might not pack the weight on, but it was still like, "Where did this train start to derail?!"
Ah well, back at work today - back on routine today - and eating like a sane person.


  1. I blame it on the chocolate! LOL... just get back to it, one day is ok but once you got 2 days of the track you may be off & running never to come back..

  2. I agree with you regarding routine. I find eating healthier during the work week much easier because of my routine. I'm going away next week, so who knows what is going to happen. I'm hoping to maintain like you did...