Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Half a Year Gone...

So I hear on the radio Sunday that half of the year is already gone! That is craziness. Time, I suppose, to reflect on where I was, where I am, and where I'm going (realistically).

Where I was:
At the beginning of this year, on January 1st, I was 317 pounds.

Where I am:
Currently, 1/2 the year gone, I am 282 pounds (35 pounds down.)

Where I am going: (Realistically)
If I stick to what I've done for the year, logic supports in another 1/2 year I will be down to 247 pounds. Honestly, I would be pretty happy with that. To go from 335 pounds to 247 pounds would be amazing. But, that would defeat the purpose of a goal. I know I can hit 247, right? The purpose of a goal is to challenge yourself. But then again, I want to actually be able to meet the goal, haha.

Anyway, long story short, I am aiming for 235. That would be a grand total of 100 pounds, and a yearly total of 82 pounds. Can you believe 1/2 the year is gone?


  1. First, great start. Now the Challenge..199 by January 1.. It is a stretch, it will be hard, but that is the challenge and your goal. Can you do it ? I think you can, and I think you should try. If you don't get there, who cares, at least you had a goal that was impressive !!!