Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not the worst complaint to have...

So, I know it is one of those complaints that you hear and roll your eyes but...

I absolutely hate how weight is coming off of me. Places I don't want to lose the fat just yet is going faster than expected, and places that I would love to see no fat on are keeping a tight hold.

The weight seems to be coming off the quickest in my boobs. I don't want that! I like my boobs! However, it doesn't seem to want to come off my arms at all. All I want is to be able to look decent in a sleeveless shirt - is that too much to ask!?!

At this rate I'm going to be a fat-armed little boobed woman. With fat thighs. And little ankles.  That is just not appealing at all. ;)

I believe the little 6 year old draws me best...


  1. I feel you, only the opposite! My boobs are 44I (yes, I, you read that correctly) and I am not losing any weight in my boobs at all! So while the rest of me is starting to take a different shape, I am still Boobs McBooberton and it makes me look fatter than I am! And I don't need any help looking fat!

    I wish I could trade you some boob fat! Haha!

  2. @SF4N - I am! (When I hit 275!)
    @Fat Chance - I *LOVE* it. Boobs McBooberton!! :) I am a 44DD now, down from a 46DDD. I feel ya girl, boobs are usually the first thing people look at when they see me.

  3. Most of my inches are off the chest and hips (or butt) Arms not so much. They are a smaller body part, but I agree with you a lot! Loooking forward to losing inches there!!