Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Calorie Restiction Society

Did you know there was a Calorie Restriction Society out there? I didn’t. It really is interesting reading if you find the time. In a nutshell, the CRS is:

  • A calorie restricted diet that is based on scientific evidence that, when introduced gradually to a CR diet, mice lived longer and were healthier.
  • In general, reducing gradually your calorie intake to 25% less than what is suggested for your body weight/height.
  • It is suggested you reduce the calories gradually, taking up to a year, because other studies have shown that if you slash them quickly, you actually lessen your life span.

Pretty interesting read, I found it via Yahoo!. Obviously, the amount of calories you should consume changes as the weight drops, but I should currently be taking in 2145 calories per day.

For some reason that just doesn’t sound like the extreme restriction I was expecting. Maybe that is just because I’m fat right now. ;) If I were at my goal weight, I would need to be taking in 1629 per day.

Anyway, just an interesting read I thought!


  1. At current weight x 10.5 for yourself x 7 days in a week figure you have X calories to stay at 286..
    By dropping to 1600 from their you would have 3 pounds per week lost without moving at all..As you lose weight in a month, you would lose 4% less per month. Stay at 1600 calories for a year, and drop to 140 - 150 pounds. It's math, it works, no cheating, and then get on with a great an beautiful life !!!