Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Benjamins & The Drama

Why did I join the blogging community? I joined the blogging community for support. I wanted to find other people who were genuinely trying to shed this fat we have accumulated over the years, and I’m also a tip junkie. I love to read any and all tips that can get me closer to my goal.
I found so many great fellow bloggers. However, I found a lot on the flip side that annoys me just a little bit. It isn’t because they post about their binge the night before (God knows I still think about binging), or because they gained that week, or even because their diet methods are a bit questionable.
It is because reading between the lines, I see a person who is either (a) blogging for monetary reasons or (b) blogging for the drama. Let’s break this down: If you are genuinely serious about losing weight, after six months to one year plus of trying with little to no success, something is wrong. If after a year of eating 1200 calories per day, even without the first bit of exercise, and you haven’t lost weight, then something is wrong.
Usually I give people the benefit of the doubt, but after a while (long while), even I begin to smell something funny. If you are blogging for money or attention, please do not pretend to be able to give ANY advice to the people who are looking for weight loss guidance. There are some people out there much more na├»ve than I am and they can’t smell the stink coming from your blog.
Eat less + move more + get your head under control = weight loss.


  1. I guess we each have our reasons for blogging that fill some kind of need. I too read some blogs that are all about the warm fuzzies and that's OK. They are blogging to make friends and find support for poor choices. These people may find their way some day but are going to have to get serious. If you point out their lack of success the drama begins. I don't think we should be offended. We each need to pick and choose what blogs we want to follow, where and how to comment, and surround ourselves with like-minded people who share our philosophies about weight loss and health. I just blogged about determining who was serious but struggling and who was just too immature in this regard. It's tough when we want to help people and they just aren't ready to hear it because they are too wrapped up in making excuses. It is what it is. Take care.

  2. Amen! I was following a blogger, so impressed by her before and after pictures... I felt SO inspired and motivated. Until I realized her "after" picture was years ago and she since gained all the weight back. I was shocked her blog was so misleading. Then I realized she was a paid blogger and that the before/after picture was probably how she reeled in followers. *sigh*

  3. Dude, can you get paid to blog? Lol I actually had no idea till recently, but I digress.
    Blogging is just another way for some to create their own little fantasy worlds. Worlds where they really are living healthy lifestyles and see fit to give others advise... I find it disheartening as well, though, for sure.
    I think sometimes the only way you can tell is to give it time... People who are not actually walking the walk will reveal themselves.
    Kisses girlie!!

  4. Yup totally agree... Eat less + move more + get your head under control = weight loss.

    I have to admit that I'm curious if there is a specific blog that inspired your post.

  5. Well said!!! Thanks for your honesty.

  6. Oh my... It sounds so much nicer coming from your mouth...Read that sentence slowly, and OMG.....