Monday, April 9, 2012

Weigh-In 4/09/2012

Previous:              218.6
Today:                  218.2
Loss:                        -0.4
At one point I saw 216 on the scale, I'm guessing my Easter celebration may have rebounded my loss just a little bit. And I'm okay with that, it's a loss!
I am switching 2 of my normal K-cups to green tea today, word is it revs up your metabolism. It's actually not half bad. Of course, I also had to pick up Rasberry Chocolate Truffle, haha. I'm so glad those things are calorie free.


  1. Hey, I stayed the same, so you did better than me! LOL
    I'm back to my usual self today though, so I better lose this Sunday!

    I love green tea, I didn't know it helps metabolism. Gonna make a cup today.

  2. I had never thought to try a green tea K cup. I am completely obsessed with my Keurig and more so since I started on the weight loss path. Coffee is my primary indulgence and I pretty much love trying new K cups!! I will be sad when they take away the pumpkin spice which I now can only find on the sales rack b/c of it being seasonal I guess. I will definitely try the green tea!!

    1. My husband says that my K-Cups have taken over my food addiction, lol. I *love* them. I just bought more Pumpkin Spice too!! :) I really liked Chocolate Glazed Donut from Coffee House, too. lol!
      The Green Tea K-Cups are really good. I bought a small box to try, but I put a packet of Splenda in it and it was pretty good!

  3. You went in the right direction.

  4. I had to google K-cup. Chocolate glazed donut coffee? I can see why K-cups make a good substitute for food!