Thursday, April 26, 2012


I'm seeing more and more of these kinds of posts pop up on my Facebook, and it makes me sick. I mean really - these people who are supposed to be my friends are peddling this crap to me?

So breakfast consisted of 12 donut holes, and 2 chocolate covered long johns filled with custard. How much of that is going into my waistline......LOL!
The answer is very little thanks to the FatFighter with Carb Inhibitors from the IT WORKS company. Eat what you want and keep the weight off with all natural products.
Contact Leslie or myself for more info.
The sad part is I know some people probably fall for it. It just makes me want to respond hatefully, but I refrain.


  1. That would annoy me too. Hopefully no one will buy into that crap.

  2. If things like that actually worked none of us would be fat.

  3. I recall this happening last summer? Annoying unsolicited advice? So annoying..

  4. I can never really believe people fall for that sort of thing. They must know that if it were true, no one would be fat?

  5. Oh my God! That pisses me off like it's nobody's business! And then these SUPER STUPID skinny wraps...Hello? You're dehydrating yourself! Of course you'll lose weight! That's NOT healthy!

  6. Sad, very sad. The words between the lines are :"I have no control over what I put in my mouth, don't care about what my body has to deal with as a consequence, and I'm proud to admit it." :(