Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Recently I was told by my 8-year-old nephew that I most certainly must be at least 40. "Why is that? I don't have wrinkles!" I asked.
“No,” he continues, “but I see bags.”

Other than really putting me in the mood to grab some cucumbers and schedule a face lift, it really started my thinking about my weight loss. For a long time I was complacent with losing a little at a time, not in a real hurry to get to my goal weight as long as it was trending down. But really – I want to be able to enjoy my weight loss and still be relatively young!

Men & women take this whole aging thing in totally different directions, and that is so frustrating. I saw a man this morning who was probably in his mid-forties, maybe early 50’s, and he was hot. I mean I took a double-take hot. That doesn’t happen for us women very often – it is all downhill after 30. We have to worry about face sagging, boobs sagging, and general all-over sagging. If you add in the weight loss, which produces skin sagging, I’m fighting a losing battle!

I want to be able to go into a store, buy a smokin’ hot normal-size outfit, and be noticed in it. And for that I am willing to double my efforts from trying to lose 1 pound a week to 2 pounds a week. That small effort is the difference between 240’s at the end of the year vs. 210’s at the end of the year.

Just as a note, when I hit 30 I decided to start my anti-aging campaign. Thank you, daily retinol & SPF 15!


  1. Why complacent with 2 pounds per week... You want to be hot for 2015 ? How about sooner..

  2. I suppose I don't have enough faith in myself to reach high and think I can stick with it. I wish I had in me what I admire in you.. this sureness of yourself. How do you do that?

  3. Just do it... You only have fat to lose... Here to help and will do it with you...