Thursday, July 7, 2011


I’m not big on rewarding myself for losing weight. I mean – I got this way because I was lazy, and I shouldn’t reward myself for doing what I should be doing, in my opinion. So, while I see people that reward themselves anywhere from every 10 pounds to every 25 pounds, I haven’t been big on that.
I am big, however, on tattoos. I only have one, but I love them. I think, correctly done, they can be beautiful works of art on the body. I’m rather limited in what I can get – my work deems that you can’t visibly see them – so I’m focusing more on quality than quality.
Therefore, I have decided on two specific rewards for myself. When I’ve lost half the weight I am aiming to lose all together (80 pounds), I will let myself get the upper ear piercing I have been eyeing for a while. I’ve had my ears pierced here twice – it grows over so fast, though, that the moment you take them out they are grown over. (This time I swear I’ll leave them in, ha ha!)
The second, once I completely reach my goal weight (175), I will get my 2nd tattoo. I’ve found what I want and everything – (see below) – now I just have to get there. And I really want to get there and get my 2nd tattoo! I think I’ll actually have the tattoo completed in color (reds, yellows, & oranges) instead of black.

Update: Husband says the above tattoo is not only cliche, but trashy, ha ha. I'm second guessing this particular tattoo, but not the tattoo in general! He's trying to get me together with an artist that can create an original design.


  1. I like the IDEA of the tattoo, but choosing a design you've found online is never a good idea, especially if it's something like that - it looks like somebody's drawn it specifically for themself, I think? I'd definitely go with your husband's idea.

    But print that out and take it to a tattoo parlour of choice, and say, "I saw this and liked it; can you come up with something similar/better?" or look through their flash art, and see if there's anything that you like that they can customise for you. :)

    I always think that personalised tattoos are better - nothing worse than seeing the same "three-star" pattern on someone's hand/foot/hip, etc, if you get my meaning.

    But this is a great idea, as far as rewards go. I think I'm gonna do the same, once I get to half my goal weight, and then once I get to my goal weight. I've got a looooooong way to go. XD


  2. I read a blog once, this Almost Gastric Bypass guy.. About a year ago he said if he ever got to his goal he would get a tattoo. I hear he is close, and scared of needles...

  3. Sure, maybe you could have exercized more and made healthier choices in your life, but my guess is that you'll find that there are many reasons why you are now overweight. It won't do any good in labelling yourself as lazy... Great rewards you have planned for yourself, I can't wait to see the pics when you post them on your blog!

  4. I absolutely love tattoos & have several. I'm running out of space actually cause I too try to position them in a way that they can be hidden when necessary. I have a problem rewarding myself also, mainly cause I can't really ever think of anything that I see as a reward. I like the design of the tattoo you have here but I do agree that if you work with an artist they can take the idea of that & come up with something more personal, unique, and catered to you and it will have that much more meaning (than what I can already see in the one you have chosen so far:-)

  5. An award is awaiting to put on your blog... Come get it...

  6. I love the idea! I think I want to get a ladybug when I get to goal. Just have to decide where to put it :)