Monday, January 13, 2014

Radio Edit!

Radio interview complete!

It wasn't anything too major, a local public radio, but I was nervous to say the least. In August of last year, I completed an interview with the Huffington Post, and the local station got wind of it.

You'd think by now I would be accustomed to talking about losing weight, but I'm always afraid I'll come off high mighty weight-loss guru, which I am not, but I do want to be able to give advice to help people. It is a fine line I tread.

Weight staying strong at 175, a little disappointing as I thought I was good last week. As long as it is not moving up, I am content - I could be more content if it would go down, lol.

I am working on reading up on all your blogs! It's a lot of backing reading, bear with me. :)


  1. I think part of the reason for our insecurities is that we have spent more of our adult lives as an obese person rather than as a thin one. We know more about how it feels to be fat than it feels to be thin. We know what to do to live with obesity not so much this new person we see in the mirror. It's like a big secret when strangers see as; they don't even know how we used to be and treat us as if we are normal - what's up with that? I guess if I were you I would just give my own testimony but also give examples of other successful people who got there a different way than you did. Each person needs to know that this is not a cookie cutter undertaking. You chose your path and stuck to it; they will have to do the same. You are not responsible for what they do with the information you give them. I think you are doing great!

  2. I think it's great that you have the opportunity to share your experiences with others. You never know how many people your story will click with and inspire them to make a change :)