Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My face is on fire.

So along with my normal weight loss goals for 2014, I decided to include trying to keep my youth, or what's left of it. I decided to start a skin care regimen for this year, completing at least 8 weeks of the same routine every day. 

I used a nice gift card to Ulta and bought the products I thought would work best for me, so we will see how that goes. Tonight was my first night, and although I won't share the lovely before pictures with no make-up, I will say that post application of eye cream, night cream, and night serum... my face is on fire. It has been for the past few minutes. 

I'm chalking that up to "it's working." Does anyone have any tips/tricks for healthy, younger looking skin?


  1. I use the Wal-Mart store brand of an Apricot scrub to clean and exfoliate dead skin cells. I like it better than any of the more expensive stuff I have tried. I use witch hazel as a toner. I have a day cream from Avon and a night cream from Avon as well. They are tailored to age. The night cream does cause a sting but I think that's from getting off some dead skin cells. I read that as we get older our skin does not sluff off dead skin cells and renew itself as it did when we were younger so the exfoliation is important. My skin looks OK. If I were going to do anything major I would get a face lift to smooth out the creases around my mouth. Since the price would probably take my breath I will probably just try to age gracefully and do what I can. I have known some pretty homely women who were beautiful because of what they were on the inside. I have also known women who were beautiful on the inside and the outside. The skin care will give you more self-confidence and who doesn't need that? Take care.

  2. Use sun block :-)

    If you already have sun damage, Ask your doctor about using a 1% fluro-uracil topical liquid.

  3. I just started using Witch Hazel last year - it really has helped more with my acne than anything! I was surprised. I'm trying natural deodorant this year - going without antipers... we'll see how that goes... haha

    And definitely on the sub block - I freckle up quicker than Opie. Even with the sun block I'm seeing some sun spots on my face, I'm not sure if that means my SPF is too low (30) or what...

  4. If your face feels like it's on fire that's not a good thing. It's showing that some ingredient in the new stuff you bought is irritating (and causing damage to) your skin. You may have sensitive skin (especially if you are prone to freckles). Paula Begoun at Cosmeticscop.com has a lot of good information on her site. She does good impartial reviews of products and also sells her own line (the antioxidant serums with retinol and beta hydroxy acid products have completely changed my skin for the better). Good luck.

  5. The last time I tried a skin regimen (Clinique), my face felt like it was on fire and I ended up with burns on my face, so I'd definitely be careful trying out new products.

  6. Try organic extra virgin coconut oil. :) I've replaced all my face cleaners, scrubs and lotions with coconut oil and my skin is amazing now. Plus it feels good knowing I'm not using harsh chemicals on my skin.