Monday, July 9, 2012

Weigh In 7/09/12

Previous:              196.8
Today:                  194.0
Loss:                        -2.8
Yeehaw. I am in sight to say goodbye to the 190's this month! It's strange to think I only have 29 pounds to go until my goal (revised). It's funny - I'm starting to think about what I'll do then - and I'm feeling a little lost. (I know, I'm odd.)


  1. Whoo hooo!! Great job! Don't feel lost...then you start working on maintenance which I heard is just as hard as losing if not more so. And you shoot for another goal. What's something you've always wanted to do? Learn to run? (ha! I know you don't like exercise). Learn to paint? Photography? You just find another life goal and run with it :)

  2. Wow!! Dude, you are kicking ass!!!!

    I don't think it's odd to feel that way. I have seen a lot of people really have to wrap their heads around maintanance! I mean, when all you have done for years and years and years (red: me) is try to lose weight, and you don't have to anymore - of course it's going to be weird! Maybe you and I can figure it out together - I'm right behind you, girl!