Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My New Toy

This is a long post incoming, just be prepared. J

I loathe exercise. There. I finally said it.

I thought for a long time that I just hadn’t found “that one special exercise for me.” So I tried out a lot of exercises. Walking, running, swimming, golfing, tennis, weight lifting, and aerobics just to name a few. I just didn’t enjoy hardly any of them.

So then it dawned on me that the majority of Americans (once myself included) are getting fat for two reasons (mostly): increase in calories (fast food, crazy food portions, sugary drinks) and a lack of movement (which can include exercise, but mostly we just have become more sedentary).  In lieu of exercising, I changed my routine to walking (for fun, in the outdoors, with my family) and a general increase in movement.

Exactly what does a “general increase in movement” entail? I suspect my husband adores me because I have taken on majority of the household chores. Putting up clothes, folding laundry, doing dishes, cleaning, making beds, making dinner just to name a few.  I knew my biggest problem was at work. I work at a desk job for 8 hours a day.  That is a crazy amount of just… sitting.  I walk 15 minutes at 10AM and 3PM every day, but I still feel like I could do more with my wasted sitting time.

So yesterday, I bought this:

I needed to find a way to move while working. I researched and found the tread-desk. Have you all seen how cool these things are? The people who use them walk 1-2 MPH all day long. They burn up to an additional 1000 calories PER DAY! Unfortunately, they cost $1,000 plus. I did find out that my company is test marketing them at their corporate offices, but that wouldn’t trickle down to the branch offices for a long, long, time, even if it ever makes it out of the test market.

So since I don’t have an extra $1,000 (more like $2,000) sitting around, and because my company loves to test market ideas for years, I decided to buy a cheap mini-cycle. Today, July 3rd, marks exactly 4 months until my vacation. I know to lose the next 30 or so pounds, I am going to have to work at it. There comes a point where sticking to 1200 calorie intake per day isn’t going to be enough, and I have to find a way to export some of those calories to create a bigger deficit. 

So here’s to four months, and reaching 165 pounds.


  1. I'd never heard of the "tread desk" before. It looks like a good idea. I used to have a job where I was required to stand at my desk all day... now I'm in a true office and sit all day. Sometimes I miss that standing.

  2. That tread cycle looks so cool! My company will never test that out, but it would be nice!

    Rae Rae, I am CERTAIN you will get to your goal. You are very persistent, and you have never lost sight of your goal. It may take a little extra work, but I know you will reach it. And I can't wait to see your WDW pics!!

  3. I also loathe exercise. Loathe.It.

    If I had the tread desk I would probably get engrossed in something and forget to walk and fall over a lot! Now the little cycle you have looks interesting. I'm curious to hear how it works for you.

  4. I'm totally guilty of writing really long blog postings, all the time.

    It's interesting, this weekend I didn't exercise in the traditional sense, but I did spend at least four hours playing in the pool with my kids. It didn't feel like exercise (at all), but it did offset some unexpected long weekend eating!

    Interesting equipment. The mini cycle would work for the TV too.

    I have no doubt you'll make your goal, you are on fire!

  5. The mini cycle looks awesome. let me know how it goes.

  6. Thanks for the comment! Definitely let us know how the mini cycle is. I also sit at a cubicle all day so if that is something that you think is beneficial, I would love to try that out as well! You're doing fantastic!