Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Water, Water Everywhere (Or needs to be..)

I've been reading my favorite guy Al (Yay, he's back!) and something he's been writing about struck a nerve with me. And after reading the following quote, I know it's divine intervention:

Keller recommends doubling your water intake. “You need lots of water to keep flushing stuff through your system. Almost all of us, even the most conscientious drinker is probably under hydrated. Water is actually important for metabolism,” which is why she encouraged Hathaway to stay hydrated. (SHAPE Magazine)

Okay, okay universe! I get it! I've been non-existent on my water drinking. (I refuse to count coffee and for the most part unsweet tea. I need water.) Starting tomorrow, 97 ounces of pure water go into this body. Anything else in the form of unsweet tea and coffee is bonus.