Monday, June 25, 2012

Weigh-In 6/25/2012

Previous:              201.0
Today:                  200.0
Loss:                        -1.0
My body is giving me the preverbial middle finger. I think it's laughing at me. ;)


  1. Well girl, you give it the finger right back... because you are down 140.0lbs!!! That is amazing...I am amazed!

    I'm sure you covered this in some blog post way back...but what is your strategy? Are you tracking a certain number of calories? Working out a certain number of days? I'd love to know what is working for you...other than the green stuff you just bought, which gets no credit for your amazing results!! :)

  2. You know what, I have been all over the board in what I've tried. I've done some things every single day, like keep my calories around 1200 and exercise 30 minutes 5x week, but beyond that it's a free for all, lol. I've walked, ran, swam, Wii, and used DVD's all for exercise. I've went low-carb, vegetarian, ate 6 times a day, ate 3 times a day, and on and on. I've experimented just about with everything, haha. But to be honest, exercise (any kid) and 1200 calories (any form) I think have done the trick. Now it's been slow (obviously) but I've had to say to myself OUTLOUD several times "You are NOT going to give up. It's just one bad day. You will recover."

    1. That is great! I agree, in the end, the universal answer is "keep my calories around X, and exercise". So glad you 've found different methods that work for you ;) And I like that "don't give up" attitude!