Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Food For Thought.

-There is no federal legislation that protects the civil rights of fat workers, and only one state, Michigan, bans discrimination on the basis of weight.
-In one study, more than half of the 620 primary care doctors questioned for one study described obese patients as “awkward, unattractive, ugly, and unlikely to comply with treatment.”
- One recent study shows that the higher a patient’s body mass, the less respect doctors express for that patient.
-Most doctors advise they don’t bother telling a patient they are overweight, and attempt to counsel them on their weight, because they don’t think they’ll listen or do anything about it.
-Overweight people are one of the last people to not only have prejudices against them, but it be OK to have prejudices against them.


  1. Weight bias is quite rampant in health care, its quite alarming. How are you supposed to get help if your doctor doesn't understand how complicated weight issues are and not just a matter of having enough willpower.

  2. That is sad. I expect more from doctors. They should be making an extra effort with these patients, not less!!

    I don't get how words like fat, lazy, slob all got strung together so they mean almost the same thing. I know lots of heavy people are really energentic. It's just depressing to think about.