Monday, June 18, 2012

Weigh-In 6/18/2012

Previous:              202.8
Today:                   201.0
Loss:                        -1.8
Two weeks, and only a 1.8 pound loss. Very sad panda that I didn't make 199.9 before vacation, but very happy that I didn't gain on vacation, haha!
I am glad to be back, it is SO much easier to stick to the plan when you have your routine. I can't wait to find some time to catch up on my blog readings!
Happy week, ya'll!


  1. Welcome back. Looking forward to continuing to read about your journey.

  2. I bow down to your weight loss prowess... losing weight on vacation!! i didn't think it was possible. :-) GREAT JOB!! You are almost in Onederland.

  3. Wow, you are almost there!! I hope you had fun on your vacation!