Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My day's beef.

I have the pictures in my camera, now to just find the time to upload. I really was surprised to see the difference; I didn’t figure there would be much visible difference. Of course, I have bought new bras in between as well, that doesn’t hurt. (I’m a recently converted believer to Cacique!)
It is time to move on to today’s beef. Normally, I rarely get offended by anything. Bust out the women jokes, the fat jokes, the white jokes; I can take it. Bust my ass for not sticking to my diet – I need that, it doesn’t offend me. But for some reason – and I may just be hormonal – a post on Twitter by a colleague just ran all over me yesterday.
“Fat girls could solve all their problems if they tried as hard to fit into running shoes as they do skinny jeans.”
First off, jack-wad, just about every pair of jeans I own look like skinny jeans, because I’m fat. It is hard to find clothes that fit right when you are large.
Secondly, it runs all over me that you assume that all my problems are going to be magically solved if I would just lose weight. Tell me – is your skinny ass free of problems? Is that the magic cure-all to everything, just get skinny?
Thirdly… okay the only thirdly I can think of is to say Eff you. It is harder to lose weight than just about anything else I can think of; I have to be around my vice each and every day. I am bombarded with marketing ads that tell me I need to eat. I’m surrounded by fast food stores on every corner. I have to eat to live.
Okay, rant over. J


  1. I hoped they spelled my name wrong...OMG..

  2. Why do people find fatness funny? I don't get it.

  3. Effin' awesome post Rae Rae.

    It's so ingrained in our society all our problems will be solved with enough exercise and eating "good" foods.

    What about the importance of the psychological component of dieting? Very few "experts" even attempt to understand why so many people binge and overeat.

    BTW: all my jeans are skinny jeans too!