Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weigh-In 4/16/2013 & More

Previous: 168.7
Current:   167.6
Loss:           -1.1

Let's just say it's not coming off like it used to, but I am losing, and that's a welcome thing.

I have some exciting things going on in my life, and it is because of this weight loss. So from a former anxiety-ridden, stage-fright lovin', anti-social person, I want to tell you this: You can do this, and when you do this, amazing things will happen. You will find out that you aren't as anti-social or scared as you thought you were.

And you will realize it is not because of the fat, but it was because of your self-image to the fat you. I know that probably doesn't make sense, but your view of who you are is skewed because of your fat. So get rid of it, so you can finally realize that your worth is not tied to your fat. You are not less of a person because of your fat.

I recently was recognized for my weight loss, and I thought I'd show a picture. YOU CAN DO THIS. I know because I did, and I would have never thought it possible.


  1. HI Rae Rae! I totally agree with this post! The excess fat screws with the brain. The thoughts become extremely distorted. I really couldn't imagine liking being slim when I weighed 60 pounds more because I couldn't imagine myself curvy or pretty, since it had been so long. I thought those things were permanently gone, but they weren't.

    I think a heavier person who wants to get slimmer just has to have some blind faith on the basis of other's testimony about how much happier they are as slimmer people.

    You look so exceptionally great! Yay you!


    P.S. I hope that some of my readers click your link on my blog because you have good messages here.

  2. Congratulations Rae Rae!! I came from Al's and he is right. You are inspiring. I keep losing and gaining these stupid 10 lbs and it's frustrating. But I KNOW I have to keep trying.

  3. That's awesome! Congrats on your success and your positive message in this post!